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Ms. Uma Shanker

Director, Training
Ms. Shobhana Vaidyanathan

Professor Emeritus
Ms. Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan

  • Ms. Uma Shanker

    • About CMTC Uma Shanker, a well-known Montessori teacher and trainer has recently brought out a booklet titled 'A Guide to Montessori Education for the Early Years, 'published by Indian Montessori Centre, TN Chapter.

    • The various chapters are on Montessori education for early years 2 1/2 to 6 years, specially prepared environment, Montessori materials or apparatus, exercises of practical life, sensorial activities, language, arithmetic, culture, outer environment, Montessori teacher and frequently asked questions.

    • She is a resident of Gandhi Nagar, Adyar. She has worked for over three decades in the field of education. Those who are interested in knowing more may contact Uma Shanker at kalvitrust@gmail.com. The booklet is priced at Rs.50 and is available at the Centre for Montessori Training, 2/1, Habib Complex, 5, Durgabai Deshmukh Road. Ph:24614301.

  • Ms. Shobhana Vaidyanathan

    • About CMTCShobhana Vaidyanathan, Director (Training)
      has 25 years working experience with children in a
      Montessori environment. She passionately believes it is the only method that addresses the developmental needs of ALL children.

    • Shobhana has been closely associated with Centre for Montessori Training - Chennai since its inception. When she decided to devote her time fully to training, she enrolled for the trainer of teachers’ programme and received her independent directorship in December 2008.

    • She shares with the students her twenty five years of varied experience of working with children – at Lumbini, Hyderabad, Abacus and Maitri, Chennai. Founder Principal of Maitri, she has the distinction of integrating children with special needs in the school.

    • Shobhana has gained deep insights into the doubts and difficulties adults face while working with children as coordinator of the pre-primary section in Abacus, as well as through her other experiences at Namma Bhoomi (a project of Concerned for Working Children, Bangalore) and SOS Village School, Tambaram. She has guided them with understanding and sensitivity.

    • Single-minded and energetic she is a stickler for work, and wholeheartedly gives her time and energy to any work she undertakes and expects the same of her associates.

    • A Home Science Graduate and a gold medallist, from Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University, she passed out in the year 1980. An AMI Diploma holder, she did her Montessori Training Programme in the year 1980-81, at Hyderabad, under the auspices of Indian Montessori Training Courses.

  • Ms. Vishnu Priya

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  • Ms. R. Hema

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  • Ms. Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan

    • Professor Emeritus, Ms. Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan, a senior Montessorian is the director of Indian Montessori Training Courses, Bangalore (R). A Trainer of Trainers, she has trained five directors and five more are undergoing training at present.

    • She has been an active member of the Montessori world in India for the past four decades, in various capacities. She is the Director-General of Indian Montessori Centre.

    • As a Member of the Board of Association Montessori Internationale, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, she has represented India at the international level.

    • Her passion for the propagation of the Montessori philosophy and Method is clearly evident in all her work. She has taken this philosophy to rural Karnataka and helped organisations set up Montessori environments. Indeed people have been able to see the universal applicability of the Montessori philosophy through Ms Sivaramakrishnan’s work and efforts.

    • She is a stickler for exactness and precision in thought and action and will look into the detail of all that she takes up in order that the method is not distorted. All those who have worked with her, whether in the area of material manufacturing or in preparing for the courses will stand testimony to this.

    • She has brought Montessorians from all over India and Asia together in the various conferences she has organised in Bangalore & Chennai.

    • She is equally passionate about motivating people/students to think. Her lectures are intended to provoke questioning to clarify their thoughts in their search for a better understanding of the Child.

    • An active member of the Ramakrishna and Sarada Mutt, she is able to relate the philosophies together and live her life in the true spirit of her personal beliefs.

  • Mr. G Viswanath

    • About CMTCDirector - Organisations & Alternatives Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
      Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

    • As Founder Director of Organisations & Alternatives over the past 14 years, Viswanath enjoys his work as an Organisation Development consultant and Behavioural science trainer, with newer and newer areas ahead of him to explore.

    • His core purpose at work is to help people realise their true potential - or at the very least acknowledge that there are umpteen ways in which this can happen, provided they are willing to experiment. His beliefs are founded on his own personal experience of change, as well as his interactions with thousands of people over his lifetime.

    • His consulting experience has been in the Information Technology, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, and BPO sectors.

    • He has also taught as visiting faculty in many reputed management institutions – both in India and abroad.

    • His 13 years of working experience prior to his consulting career spanned Manufacturing and I T. He held positions of Manager – IT, Systems Consultant, Product Manager, Corporate manager – HR in 3 organisations.

    • With a post graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Viswanath is a professional member of the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS)-1996. He is also MBTI Qualified by the APT Qualifying Training Program -1998, a life member of the NHRD Network, Bangalore and has been on the Advisory Board of the Center for Montessori Training - Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

  • Ms. Jayaglory

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  • Ms. Janaki Raja

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  • Ms. J. Bhuvanashwari

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  • Ms. Alamelu Badri

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