Primary Course
  • What makes CMT-C a special place for pre-primary teacher’ training ?About CMTC

    • We believe in a caring, socially responsible education that supports the ``child’s effort to become fully engaged in his/her own learning as they seek to understand themselves. That is why at CMT-C we offer the Montessori method. Our faculty are dedicated to help our students become sensitive educators who will strive to offer only their very best to the child

  • What makes the Montessori method unique?

    • Dr.Montessori gave us a method for assisting children in their development and help them grow in independence at various levels. The Montessori method is a comprehensive and holistic education system and has been put together after exhaustive field study.It takes into consideration the needs of the child and offers him or her the assistance he/she requires . The activities that are available to the child in the Montessori environment helps in development his motor coordination, as well as his social, cognitive and affective skills.

      It is the only system that has defined education in terms that are relevant to the child. It is extremely flexible and caters to the learning styles of every individual child and truly allows the child to learn and work at things with interest and at his own pace. Besides individual work, the child is given the opportunity to participate in group and collective activities.

  • What is the processs for individual growth that CMT-C has to offer?

    • As you take the course and gain in knowledge and experience , you will participate in group discussion to exchange ideas to help integrate theory and practice .Individual conferences with faculty are held to help the students share their views outside of the classroom and the students is offered every kind of assistance to help cope with course.

    • Personal growth programs are offered as part of the regular urriculum.Through the sharing of insight with other students and the faculty you will learn to solve problems, examine and redefine values.

  • What kind of students does CMT-C look for?

    • We look for applications who are open minded and flexible in their thinking and who have a commitment to children and to their education.We look for applicants who are prepared to pursue a rigorous program and are willing to give their very best and strive for perfection in all they do and to improve on that constantly.

  • What is the admission procedure?

    • Application to the pre- primary Montessori program must possess a Senior Secondary School leaving certificate or its recognized equivalent and should be proficient in written and spoken Engilish .
    • Candidates should complete an application form including a life sketch of about 300 words and submit a copy of their school certificate and medical fitness certificate.Applicants will have an interview with the Director and a panel drawn from the faculty members.
    • This is generally held in June.Students will be admitted only at the start of each new course.

  • Do I need prior teaching experience?

    • No.Our programme is comprehensive enough to meet the needs of all students who meet our basic educational qualifications with or without prior experience in teaching, administration or other human service fields.However , we do feel it is important for you to have had some experience with children and of life so that you feel confident that your choice to do the course is grounded in a realistic understanding of yourself and children.

  • Does the Montessori training program lead to certification?

    • Yes.Our program is affiliated to the Indian Montessori Centre, Bangalore which will award the diploma after the student has successfully completed the course with is required attendance, course work and taken a written and practical examination.This diploma entitles you to work with the age group (3 to 6 years) in any Montessori environment or conventional school or to start your own school.

  • Is financial aid available?

    • Although the center does not offer any financial aid of its own, we would put you in touch with organizations/people that do.For this you will have to register with us before 30 April.

  • How is financial aid awarded?

    • Most financial aid is awarded on the basis of financial need and in the form of scholarship, grants and loans.If our program appeals to you , please do not let the course fee deter you from considering CMT-C .We make every effort to assist students financially.
    • Prospectus and application forms are available at CMT-C on payment of Rs.200/-



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