Creating a climate for learning where it matters most

“Our work is based on the faith that human beings can improve the society they have created by following the child.”

Dr Maria Montessori

Should the pangs of hunger squelch the thirst for learning?
Shouldn’t specially devised learning methods be available to economically challenged children?
Shouldn’t little ones engaged in the battle for life, have access to alternative means for learning?
We at Kalvi have set out to make a difference to children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and those with debilitating conditions, through appropriate education methods.
Kalvi’s purpose
  Infusing experiential learning in early education
  Bringing about efficiencies and improvements in traditional educational systems
Mitigating child labour and school dropouts through specialised educational approaches, and fostering continuing education
  Creating therapeutic learning spaces for children with serious illnesses
Kalvi’s beliefs
  Children are natural learners and are learning all the time.
  Education should assist the child to live a wholesome life.
Educational methods should be age-appropriate, for the child to learn effectively.
Kalvi’s mission
We aim to help develop the following potentialities in human
beings — children, teachers, and ourselves:
  A zest for living
  A lively, intellectual curiosity
Flexibility and maturity to deal with change through adapting to new needs and new ideas
Courage to work efficiently and without fear
Gentleness combined with justice, in passing judgement on others
Sensitivity to see every person as a human being
Ability to live democratically
Kalvi’s goals
In order to fulfil our mission, we seek to partner with government non government bodies and other like minded trusts to:
Train pre-primary and primary teachers in the Montessori Method of education, within the Corporation, Balwadi, and Government school
Equip kindergarten sections of Corporation Schools to work as Montessori environments.
Provide additional support, as supervisors, teachers and helpers, in Montessori environments in Corporation Schools and Balwadis.
Conduct orientation programmes for untrained helpers of Corporation Schools and Balwadis, to help them understand the Montessori philosophy.
Open Montessori environments in hospitals as therapeutic and educational spaces for children.
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